With our module Zapier SMS connect in a few minutes hundreds of apps with sms.

Automate the sending of your SMS with SMSFactor and Zapier

Connect to more than 400 applications! 

Zapier is a web service that allows you to connect two web applications which have no connection between each other. This allows users to automate tasks in just a few clicks and to use them independently of each other. For example, a doctor who registers an appointment in his Gmail calendar can automate the sending of an SMS reminder to the mobile phone of his patient 24 hours before the appointment.

Since SMSFactor is part of 400 applications available on Zapier, here are some tutorials allowing you to integrate smartly and simply SMS in the tools that are already part of your daily life! Save time and facilitate your life by automating your SMS sending through a simple and easy solution to implement.

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Examples of applications available on Zapier

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